Thank you for visiting Goodnow Jersey Farm and checking out the excellent herd at the farm. I am the herdsman at the farm. I update this web site during my spare time.

I have a Master's degree in Math and I specialized in writing computer programs to solve mathematical equations. I am available as a consultant to create web sites, design databases, or perform statistical analyses on data. An online version of my resume is available. A printer friendly version of the resume can be read using Adobe Acrobat.

For the technical folks

For those who are interested in the computer environment that I used. I own a Macintosh which I like alot but I do most of my work on a 133Mhz Cyrix 586 computer which has 128 MB of RAM running Windows 95. The pictures were retouched using GIMP. I used FLY to create the graphs showing the cow's lactation. I use 1st Page 2000 to edit the web pages. I designed an Access 97 database which has the pedigree and production records of the cows. I developed a Visual Basic program which generated the html files for each cow and bull.

My To Do List

Kenji De Lige
RR 1 Box 19
Turner, ME 04282


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