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This is a picture of John feeding the cows grain. We give each cow between 12 and 26 pounds of grain a day depending on the amount of milk they produce, the number of days they have given milk, and their body condition.

This is a picture of three cows standing by the bath tub in the barn yard. The Goodnow Jersey Farm sign is in front of them on the other side of the electric fence. There is a float that automatically refills the bath tub as the cows drink from it.

This is a picture of milk coming from the cows into the five gallon glass receiving jar. When it is 1/3 filled a switch is triggered and the milk is emptied into the bulk tank. The electric motor that is below the receiving jar uses 220 volts.

This is a picture of Anna. She is classified excellent and she gave lots of milk. She is a nominee for the jersey cow of the millenium. When Anna was living she was giving almost twice as much milk as the average holstein cow of that time.

This is a picture of Alicia. She is walking out of the barn to graze. This cow is unusual because she was milking for one year before she calved.

This is an aerial shot of the barn. The barn is divided into three sections. From left to right are the milk room, the cow stanchions, and the old barn where the heifers, hay, grain, and saw dust are kept.

This is a picture of two six to nine month old heifers looking out of their pen. You can only see the tops of their heads. There are two windows in this pen, one behind the hiefers and the other on the left.

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Disclaimer: The information from this web page was manually transcribed from DHIA records. The records in this web page are believed to be accurate but not necessarily complete.

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