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We thank you for those who responded by email. So far we have received email from five countries:   Canada, England, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia. We have also received email from seventeen states:   Maine, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Illinois.

The Ideal Jersey All our jersey cows are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association.

We are members of Agri-Mark. This farmer-owned co-op buys and processes our milk. They also represent us in state and national legislation that affect the dairy industry.

Some of Agri-Mark's milk goes to make Cabot cheese. They make the world's best cheddar cheese. Worlds Best Cheddar Cheese

tumpline supersite Tumpline, an agricultural web site from England, selected our web site to be their featured "Down on the Farm" web site for the week of February 27, 2000.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension's email publication Cows and Crops selected our web site to be its Web site of the Month for February 2000. The following is an excerpt from the newsletter. U Maine Coop Extension

"Most dairy people in Maine know about Goodnow Jersey Farm and the excellent cattle located in Turner, Maine. Now the farm is known worldwide as a result of the web site Albert Bradford and Kenji De Lige have put together. The web site dispels the myth that only large purebred farms from away, can have their own web site. It is an excellent example of how to use the Internet to advertise and market your farm. The Goodnow Farm web site is well illustrated, and contains information on the farm and the cattle. The individual cow pages do an excellent job of combining production and pedigree information on the entire herd into an easy-to-view format. So if [you're] looking [for] a dairy site produced right here in Maine, don't go any further than the Goodnow Jersey Farm site. Check it out!"

Blue Seal We get our grain from Blue Seal.

Our bulls come from Genex.

DHIA The Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) helps manage the herd by maintaining production records for each cow and coming once a month to test each cow for milk, fat, and protein.

We live in Turner, Maine. It is a small but growing community. Turner, Maine

Church of the Nazarene We attend the Auburn Church of the Nazarene. Information about our denomination can be found at

Albert Bradford
Goodnow Jersey Farm, Inc.
RR 1 Box 20-D
Turner, ME 04282
(207) 225-3633


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