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This is a picture of two bred heifers in tie stalls. They are looking out of a trap door in the wall through which they are fed. The trap is two feet high and several feet long. It is kept shut during the cold winter months.

This is a picture of the front of the barn taken from across the street. The addition for the milk room and stanchion barn was built in the 1960's from trees grown on the farm.

This is a picture of the bulk tank where the milk is cooled and stored. The milk comes into the tank at 102 degrees and is cooled to 36 degrees. It is picked up by the milk truck every other day. This bulk tank can hold 450 galions of milk.

This is a picture of the north side of the old barn with the herd standing next to it. The cows come here on summer afternoons to rest in the shade.

This is a picture of a calf being bottle fed. These calves are given warm milk followed by warm water. The milk is carefully measured to avoid making the calf sick.

This is a picture of the back of the old barn. Saw dust, mulch hay and the bucket tractor are kept in the cellar. This part of the barn was built in the late 1800's. The beams are hand hewn and the floor boards are two feet wide.

This is a picture of two barn cats laying on the ground in front of the old barn. They help keep the the mice down. Please do not drop off any of your cats or dogs. They can be carriers of cow diseases that can devastate a farm.

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Disclaimer: The information from this web page was manually transcribed from DHIA records. The records in this web page are believed to be accurate but not necessarily complete.

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