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This is a picture of a pile of manure behind the barn. In the stanchion barn there is a gutter behind the cows for the manure to fall into. The gutter cleaner, a chain with scrapers on it, is run twice a day in the winter. In the summer when the cows are outside most of the time, the gutter cleaner is run once a day. It will take one month before the pile reaches the motor. Then the manure will be moved to the other side of the manure pit. Before this setup the manure was carried by wheelbarrow along a plank over the manure pit. That is the other meaning of 'walking the plank'.

This is a picture of two bred heifers eating behind the traps. A cow's tongue is rough. The curved hollows along the edges of the wood are made by the heifers licking it

This is a picture of the hay dryer fan. The fan is three feet in diameter and is powered by a five horse power motor. The fan sits at one end of a wire cage. The bales of damp hay are stacked tightly along both sides and the back end of the cage. Then the fan blows air through the hay for up to two weeks to keep it cool and finish drying it. The fan is turned off in very wet weather. Baling the hay before it is completely dry helps keep the leaves of the alfalfa from falling off. It also allows us to get in hay between summer showers and dry the outside windrows that don't get enough sun because the fields are surrounded by trees..

This is a picture of Albert Bradford standing beside Pride. Pride had a very nice foreudder.

This is a picture of two calves in a pen. You can see the cow stalls in the background. These calves get fed the best hay in the barn.

This is a picture of the outside of the milk room and the front of the barn. A wagon full of hay can be seen on the left. When the addition for the milk room and cow stanchion was built some of the trees had to be cut in the winter. There were days when Albert Bradford had to dig through four feet of snow to reach the base of a tree he was cutting down.

This is a picture of the back side of the barn. There are four heifers heading in the direction of the bath tub. An electric fence that pulsates 24 volts of electricity prevents the heifers from grazing in the pasture that is in front of them. They have already grazed on it and we are allowing it to grow again.

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