These are descriptions of images that are found on the main page of Goodnow Jersey Farm.

This is a picture of a three to six month old heifer in a pen. She is looking between two rails. High quality hay is next to the heifer.

This is a far away picture of the south side of the milk room and stanchion barn. You can see the farm sign and on the left is the tractor and mower conditioner.

This is a picture of a cow being stripped. Two or three jets of milk from each quarter are squirted into a strip cup just before the milking machine is put on the cow. This is to make sure that nothing is wrong with the milk and to stimulate the cow to let her milk down.

This is a picture of Albert Bradford feeding a cow hay. High quality hay is needed to make high quality milk. There are four broad measures of milk quality: percentage fat, percentage protein, bacteria count, and somatic cell count. Fat is necessary to make butter, cream, and cheese. Protein is also important in making cheese. Bacteria count is an indication of how clean the cow and equipment are. Somatic cell count indicates if the cow has an infection.

This is a picture of two heifers outside. We let the heifers and cows outside to graze after they are one year old.

This a a picture of a farm sign that is currently being used. It is a red sign with has Gooddnow Jersey Farm on top, a drawing of a jersey cow in the center, and the words Albert and Lynette Bradford on the bottom.

This is a picture of an empty hay wagon. We have two hay wagons. Each wagon can carry over 300 bales of hay. We usually bring in 600 to 1200 bales each day that we hay. We like a bale of hay to weigh about 35 pounds.

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Disclaimer: The information from this web page was manually transcribed from DHIA records. The records in this web page are believed to be accurate but not necessarily complete.

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