These are descriptions of images that are found on the main page of Goodnow Jersey Farm.

This is a picture of a calf being bottle fed. A cow has four stomach. The bottle has to be positioned correctly so the milk will go into the right stomach. The calf will get sick if you don't feed it correctly.

This is a picture of the front of the barn. It was taken from across the street. This street used to be Route 4 - the second busiest highway in Maine. Several years ago a new highway was build behind the farm house taking most of the traffic away from this street.

This is a picture of Leta putting a milking machine on a cow. This has to be done carefully to avoid air leaks that can give the cow mastitis.

This is a picture of cows in their stanchions eating hay out of the crib. Cows gulp down their hay very quickly. Later they lie down and bring it back up to chew it properly. This is called chewing the cud.

This is a picture of a heifer standing on blue rock behind the barn.

This is a picture of the farm house. The picture was taken from an airplane. The house is across the street from the barn.

This is a picture of a John Deere bucket tractor. The bucket is used to shovel manure and to plow snow.

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Disclaimer: The information from this web page was manually transcribed from DHIA records. The records in this web page are believed to be accurate but not necessarily complete.

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