These are descriptions of images that are found in the links page of Goodnow Jersey Farm.

The Ideal Jersey Image

This is a painting of the ideal Jersey cow. Cows are classified based on the ideal conception of a Jersey cow. The ideal Jersey cow does change over time. For example, when cows were hand milked the ideal Jersey had long teats. Now long teats are undesirable because this increases the chance of getting a teat injury.

Cabot Cheese image

This is a picture of different kinds of Cabot cheese. One is tomato basil and the other is extra sharp. Cabot cheese is made in Vermont. It won an international contest for the world's best cheddar cheese.

Tumpline Supersite Image

This is a picture of the Tumpline Supersite logo. It is an oval gold image with the word Tumpline on top, Supersite in the middle, and Stackyard on the bottom.

University of Maine Cooperative Extention Image

This is a picture of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension logo. It has the state of Maine seal on the left. On the right are the words "University of Maine" 'and "Cooperative Extension.

National DHIA Image

This is a picture of the national DHIA logo. It has green lettering on a white background. On top is the word National and below are the letters DHIA.

Turner, Maine Image

This is a picture of the seal of Turner, Maine. On the top it has the words "Town of Turner, Maine" and on the bottom it says "Inc. 1786".

Nazarene Image

This is a picture of the logo for the Church of the Nazarene.

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