Bred by Goodnow Jersey Farm, Inc. - Turner, Maine
Goodnow Marty Gypsy Sonya

Born: 11/4/1996

Sire: Rock Maple Sooner Marty-ET

Dam: Goodnow Jacob Whitney Gypsy
80 - Very Good at 2- 7
2-11   288 Day Complete   15,152 M   800 F   5.3%     582 P   3.9%    
2-11   288 Day Actual 15,152 M   800 F   5.3%     582 P   3.9%    

Sire of Sire: Soldierboy Boomer Sooner of CJF

Sire of Dam: Goodnow Magic Jacob-ET

Dam of Dam: Goodnow Kingsley Juanita Whitney
78 - Desirable at 3- 1

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Last Updated: July 14, 2003

Albert Bradford
Goodnow Jersey Farm, Inc.
RR 1 Box 20-D
Turner, ME 04282
(207) 225-3633


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