Goodnow Jersey Farm, Inc.
Turner, Maine

Cows Sorted by Name.

Alberta     Goodnow Pal Beth Alberta      
Alene     Goodnow Topkick Hazel Alene     at the farm
Aletta     Goodnow Pal Lass Aletta      
Alf     Comfort Royal Alf-ET      
Ali     Goodnow Berretta Flute Ali     at the farm
Alice     Goodnow Topkick Alicia Alice      
Alicia     Goodnow Storm Jaunita Alicia      
Almira     Goodnow Storm Beth Almira      
Althea     Beauty Normsland Althea-P      
Alvina     Goodnow Storm Vera Alvina      
Amanda     Goodnow Berretta Gloria Amanda     at the farm
Amber     Goodnow Duncan Anna Amber-ET      
Amy     Goodnow Avery Peggy Amy     at the farm
Amy 4 01     Goodnow Lightyear Kelly Amy      

Amy 8 01     Goodnow Topkick Hazel Amy      
Andre     Sunny Day View Andre-ET      
Angela     Goodnow Mannix Deb Angela     at the farm
Ann     Goodnow Morgan Lucy Ann     at the farm
Ann 99     Goodnow Berretta Beth Ann      
Anna     Observer Althea Anna      
Arla     Goodnow Royal Precious Arla      
Arla2     Goodnow Duncan Anna Arla      
Ava     Goodnow Yankee Celina Ava      
Avery     Bancrest Lester Avery      
Bea     Goodnow Benjamin Russella Bea      
Bee     Bitmore Earl Bee      
Be-magic     Hi-Land Be-Magic-P      
Benjamin     Molly Brook Benjamin      
Beretta     Mason Boomer Sooner Beretta      

Bessie     Treasure Chest Sooner B      
Beth     Goodnow Royal Hannah Beth-P      
Beth-2     Goodnow Opportunity Penny Beth      
Bethany     Goodnow Topkick Pat Bethany      
Bethany 95     Goodnow Pepper Zippy Bethany      
BoPeep     Goodnow Mannix Irene Bopeep      
Briarcliffs     Briarcliffs Soldierboy      
Bunny     Goodnow Storm Zippy Bunny      
Cala     Goodnow Top Flight Kay Cala      
Calla     Goodnow Daniel Heidi Calla      
Candy     Goodnow Topkick Pam Candy      
Carmel     AU Duncan Brass Carmel      
Carrie     Goodnow Mannix Pansy Carrie      
Cathy     Goodnow Lester Beth Cathy     at the farm
Celina     Goodnow Royal Pride Celina-P      

Charlotte     Goodnows Leon Diana Charlotte      
Chief     Yankee Fair Weather Chief      
Clancy     Bridon P Clancy-ET      
Clover     Goodnow Topkick Lucy Clover     at the farm
Crystal     Goodnow Jason Dora Crystal      
Daisy     Goodnow Daniel Etta Daisy      
Daniel     Bold Venture Daniel      
Danielle     Goodnow Berretta Flute Danielle      
Deb     Goodnow Avery Amanda Deb     at the farm
Denise     Goodnow Royal Mabel Denise      
Dolly     Goodnow Zukor Nate Dolly     at the farm
Dora     Goodnow Sherlock Gypsy Dora      
Duncan     Highland Magic Duncan      
Earl     Generator HL Earl      
Echo     Goodnow Jacob Aletta Echo      

Edna     Goodnow Be Magic Megan Edna      
Eileen     Goodnow Mannix Fae Eileen     at the farm
Emily     Goodnow Treasure Glendora Emily      
Erney     Goodnow Daniel Nate Erney      
Etta     Goodnow Pal Queen Etta      
Eva     Goodnow Fabulous Edna Eva     at the farm
Eva 95     Goodnow Carmel Glendora Eva      
Fabulous     Mollybrook Berretta Fabulous      
Fae     Goodnow Opportunity Juanita Fae     at the farm
Fantasy     Molly Brook Berretta Fantasy      
Flora     Goodnow PalPeggy Flora      
Flute     Goodnow Carmel Alberta Flute     at the farm
Foxy     Goodnow Carmel Beth Foxy      
Genie     Goodnow Zukor May Genie     at the farm
George     Palmer Fascinator George      

Glendora     Goodnow Top Notch Arla Glendora      
Gloria     Goodnow Pal Penny Gloria     at the farm
Grace     Goodnow Lester Kay Grace     at the farm
Gypsy     Goodnow Jacob Whitney Gypsy      
Hadyn     Hadyn      
Haley     Goodnow Bob Ida Haley      
Hannah     Goodnow Soldier Boy Hope Hannah-P      
Hazel     Goodnow Alf Minnie Hazel      
Heart     Goodnow Topkick Almira Heart      
Heidi     Goodnow Beretta Pearl Heidi     at the farm
Hester 00     Goodnow Andre Ruth Hester      
Hester 94     Goodnow Carmel Kay Hester      
Honey     Goodnow Fabulous Kessa Honey     at the farm
Hope     Goodnow Avery Bunny Hope     at the farm
Ida     Goodnow Boomer Pearl Ida      

Irene     Goodnow Sherlock Echo Irene     at the farm
Jacob     Goodnow Magic Jacob-ET      
Jamie     Goodnow Pepper Ruth Jamie      
Jane     Goodnow Mannix Hazel Jane     at the farm
Jane 3 98     Goodnow Bold Lucy Jane      
Jane 6 98     Goodnow Daniel Peggy Jane      
Jason     Highland Berretta Jason-ET      
Jaunita     Goodnow Sampson Judy Jaunita      
Jay     Highland Berretta Jay-ET      
Jean     Goodnow Fabulous Hope Jean     at the farm
Jessie     Goodnow Soldierboy Beth Jessie     at the farm
Joan     Goodnow Lester Edna Joan      
Judy     Goodnow Firecracker Princes Judy      
Karen     Goodnow Mannix Edna Karen      
Kate     Goodnow Sherlock Alberta Kate      

Katie     Goodnow Lee Alicia Katie      
Kay     Goodnow Berretta Alberta Kay      
Kay 87     Goodnow Top Flight Hannah Kay      
Kelly     Goodnow Lester Arla Kelly      
Kenai     Dogwood Hill Poseidon Kenai      
Kessa     Goodnow Daniel Fae Kessa     at the farm
Khan     Greenwood Sooner Khan      
Lady     Goodnow Mannix Cathy Lady     at the farm
Lester     Highland Duncan Lester      
Leta     Goodnow Avery Bunny Leta      
Lightyear     Hackline Buzz Lightyear      
Lily     Goodnow Daniel Haley Lily      
Liz     Goodnow Daniel Peggy Liz      
Lori     Goodnow Sherlock Amber Lori      
Loris     Goodnow Duncan Anna Loris-ET      

Lucy     Goodnow Berretta Glendora Lucy     at the farm
Lydia     Goodnow Daniel May Lydia     at the farm
Lynette     Goodnow Poseidon Echo Lynette     at the farm
Mabel     Generator Anita Mabel      
Mae     Goodnow Berretta Pany Mae      
Mannix     Rock Maple Brook Mannix      
Margo     Goodnow Berrettta Joan Margo     at the farm
Maria 02     Goodnow Topkick Jane Maria     at the farm
Maria 03     Goodnow Kenai Irene Maria     at the farm
Marie 98     Goodnow Jay Ann Marie      
Marty     Rock Maple Sooner Marty-ET      
May     Goodnow Mannix Gloria May     at the farm
Meagan     Goodnow Duncan Anna Meagan-ET      
Midnight Blue     Goodnow Midnight Blue      
Midnight Storm     Midnight Storm-ET      

Minnie     Goodnow Pal Roberta Minnie      
Mint     Goodnow Mannix Heidi Mint      
Mor     Mor      
Morgan     Wilsonview Khan Morgan-ET      
Moriah     Goodnow Lester Jessie Moriah      
Nate     Goodnow Khan Alberta Nate     at the farm
Norma     Goodnow Mannix Pearl Norma     at the farm
Norma 3 00     Goodnow Avery Kelly Norma      
Olive     Goodnow Yankee Cala Olive      
Opal     Goodnow Zukor Rose Opal     at the farm
Opportunity     Fair Weather Opportunity-P-ET      
Pam     Goodnow Berretta Minnie Pam      
Pansy     Goodnow Pepper Ava Pansy      
Pat     Goodnow Alf Eva Pat      
Patsy     Need Full Name PATSY      

Patty     Goodnow Berretta Kay Patty      
Paula     Goodnow Lester Bea Paula      
Pauncho     Peelers Pauncho Lee      
Pearl     Goodnow Bemagic Arla Pearl      
Peggy     Goodnow Yankee Loris Peggy      
Penny     Goodnow Royal Precious Penny      
Pepper     Jersey Slopes Observer Pepper      
Pepper2     Highland Duncan Pepper      
Picabo     Goodnow Alf Lori Picabo      
Polly 00     Goodnow Topkick Echo Polly      
Polly 97     Goodnow Lester Flora Polly      
Poppy     Goodnow Morgan Deb Poppy     at the farm
Poseidon     Greenwood Poseidon-ET      
Precious     Goodnow Earl Anna Precious      
Prescot     Molly Brook Sky Line Prescot      

Queen     Goodnow Magic Anna Queen-ET      
Quicksilver     SS Quicksilver of Fallneva      
Roberta     Goodnow Top Brass Charlotte Roberta      
Rose     Goodnow Poseiden Cathy Rose     at the farm
Rose 01     Goodnow Mannix Clover Rose      
Royal     J.S. Quicksilver Royal      
Ruby     Goodnow Berretta Arla Ruby      
Russella     Goodnow Goldmaker Tilly Russella      
Ruth     Goodnow Be-Magic Denise Ruth      
Sally     Goodnow Topkick Irene Sally      
Samson     Gramhil Leader Sophia Samson      
Sandy     Goodnow Fantasy Etta Sandy      
Sherlock     Dutch Hollow Sherlock-ET      
Soldier     Observer Chocolate Soldier      
Soldierboy     Soldierboy Boomer Sooner of CJF      

Sonya     Goodnow Marty Gypsy Sonya      
Spiceman     Spiceman      
Sue     Goodnow Fabulous Amy Sue     at the farm
Tammy     Goodnow Bold Emily Tammy     at the farm
Tasha     Goodnow Daniel Amanda Tasha     at the farm
Tippy     Goodnow Alf Eva Tippy      
Top Brass     A-Nine Top Brass      
Top Flight     DJF Top Flight      
Top Notch     Shadowbrook Top Notch      
Topkick     AU Lester Topkick-ET      
Tricia     Goodnow Daniel Gloria Tricia     at the farm
Vera     Goodnow Be-Magic Celina Vera      
Whitney     Goodnow Kingsley Juanita Whitney      
Zippy     Goodnow Pal Kay Zippy      
Zukor     Zukor      

Last Updated: July 14, 2003

Albert Bradford
Goodnow Jersey Farm, Inc.
RR 1 Box 20-D
Turner, ME 04282
(207) 225-3633


Disclaimer: The information from this web page was manually transcribed from DHIA records. The records in this web page are believed to be accurate but not necessarily complete.

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